13th December 2016

CG Juniors


The Carlson Gracie Farnborough Junior Team is one of the most successful in the country, with our juniors winning multiple gold medals in British and European competitions.

Our instructors teach the classes in a disciplined and controlled manner. Brazilian Jiu-jitsu teaches children discipline, respect, self-awareness. Students will develop their strength, fitness, flexibility and coordination skills.

As juniors learn to defend themselves, we find that their confidence grows, allowing their personalities to really shine. There is a great team atmosphere at the club for both children and parents.

Students aged 4-7yrs

Student’s aged 4-7years train three times per week, the majority of the training is game based learning. Each class is structured to teach different elements of BJJ.

Monday 17.45 BJJ Takedowns
Wednesday 17.45 BJJ Guard techniques
Saturday 10am BJJ passing and top position

Students Aged 7-14yrs

Students Aged 7-14 years have access to classes six days per week with the majority of the class training at least three times a week for competitions.

Monday 18.30 BJJ Takedowns
Tuesday 18.30 BJJ No Gi
Wednesday 18.30 BJJ Guard
Thursday 18.30 BJJ Mixed Technique
Friday 17.45 BJJ Mixed Technique
Saturday 11am Mixed Technique