19th November 2016

Strength & Conditioning

Strength and conditioning (S & C) is a process of training which if performed regularly, will enhance physical and athletic performance. The sessions may involve performing Olympic weightlifting derivatives, plyometric exercise, specific strength work, core stability and metabolic conditioning. The sessions are suitable for the advanced athlete or the absolute beginner.

Performing S & C regularly may contribute towards reduced injury occurrence, greater explosive strength and power whilst improving fitness levels and the ability to recover from BJJ training. The sessions are planned around competitive fixtures and are supervised by Alan Hughes, a professional strength & conditioning coach who is accredited with the United Kingdom Strength & Conditioning Association (UKSCA).

Alan graduated with 1st class honours in Strength & Conditioning Science (BSc) from St Marys University College in Twickenham. Since graduation, he has worked with Reading FC specialising in designing and overseeing individualised training programmes with an sports injury prevention and rehabilitation bias for 1st team players. He has also worked for Bristol City FC as 1st team Strength and Conditioning Coach.

He is a certified Sports Therapist with the International Institute of Sports Therapy and a Level II practitioner and exercise coach with the CHEK Institute (USA).

A Nutritional advisor with MTEC UK, Alan held a workshop at the World Science & Soccer Conference in 2008 on designing programmes with an injury prevention bias and applying the principles to working with professional footballers.

Invited by Nike to become one of the first UK certified Nike SPARQ fitness testers, he has previously worked with individuals from a wide variety of professional sports, including GB Judo, football, rugby, golf, UK strongman, boxing, Red Bull F1 and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.